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Boracay Island, Philippines is considered as one of the most beautiful resort in the world that can rival beach resorts in the carribean, South Pacific, and neighboring beaches in Malaysia and even Thailand. It is lined with fine white sand beach, and crystal clear waters. Complimented with breath taking scenery and the warmth and hospitality of the Filipinos, most visitors would agree that this is indeed a dream paradise.

Boracay Breaking News
Boracay a Public Domain
Inquirer News Article | December 18th 2008

The case in the claim of Boracay land by the Boracay residents as private titled lands has been finally decided upon by the Supreme Court to be that of a public domain, meaning it cannot be owned by private entities. As per the Inquirer reports which quotes:

"The Supreme Court has dismissed Boracay residents’ motions for reconsideration of the high tribunal’s earlier decision declaring a big portion of the resort island—except those already covered by titles—as public land.

In an en banc resolution dated Dec. 2, the SC also denied a motion to set the issue of titling pieces of property in Boracay for oral argument.

“We deny the motions. We note that the bulk of the issues raised and the arguments aired are merely repetitive of those already passed upon by the Court,” the SC resolution read".

This new development has made a big blow for the residents, business owners and developers in the beautify island of Boracay. the scuffle for the ownership still continues and the locals are running out of options.

Boracay island, PHILIPPINES: vacation dream destination

Boracay Island

Boracay Island, Philippines boasts as one of the top ten beautiful beaches in world. Boracay beach is a stretch of fine, powdery white sand, heralded as one of the finest beach in the world. Boracay island's white sand beach stretches for 4 kilometers with shallow crystal clear water that sparkles under the tropical sun. Boracay island is a dream destination to be enjoyed with loved ones, friends and even the family.

boracay island


panay boracay islandBoracay Island is an island in the Philippines, a country in the South East Asia. Boracay Island is located off the northwest corner of the island of Panay, and belongs to the Western Visayas island-group in the Philippines. Boracay Island is approximately seven kilometers long, dog-bone shaped with the narrowest spot being less than one kilometer wide. Boracay Island has a total land area of 10.32 square kilometers with about 6,000 local residents. Boracay Island is about 300km south of Capitol Manila and is accessible by sea, air and land travel from Manila or Cebu.

what is the climate at boracay island

Weather in Boracay Island is generally divided into two seasonal weather patterns, Boracay Island climate is dictated by the wind direction, the cool northeast wind, and southwest wind. While the northeast wind prevails, Boracay Island has moderate temperature, little or no rainfall. During the southwest wind season, Boracay Island has hot and humid weather, frequent rainfall and prevailing wind from the west. The northeast wind usually blows from September until June, while the southwest wind blows for the rest of the year.

Boracay Island daytime temperature


September to May

77-90º F (25-32º C)

Cool weather

June to August

82-100º F(28-38º C)

Hot and Humid

Tropical storms occasionally impacts the Boracay Island during the months of July to September.

Boracay Island’s seasonal changes has an effect on the tourism industry. Most Boracay resorts and Boracay hotels have Low and High Season price levels. Boracay resorts peg High Season prices during September to June. Some Boracay resorts have additional "Super" Peak Period pricing during periods of heavy tourism (Christmas / New Year, Easter / Holy Week, and Chinese New Yea).

boracay island weather

Below is the weather forecast in Caticlan and Boracay Islands for the next two weeks. Data is from accuweather.com

Weather Forecast for Today

how to get to boracay island, philippines

Boracay Island by Air Travel.

The Philippines have two international airports, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and the Mactan Cebu International Airport. These two airports cater local flights to Boracay Island via Kalibo (45 minutes away) or via Caticlan (30-40 minutes away).

Airline fares vary from $50 to $100 range for each leg. Luggage over 10kg will probably cost extra.

Manila to Boracay Island 1: Manila to Kalibo flights take about 45 minutes. At Kalibo airport, take a 3 minute shuttle ride going to Caticlan Jetty Port. At the Caticlan Jetty Port, take a boat ride of about 20 minutes to Boracay Island.

boracay island airtravel
  • Manila to Kalibo
    • Air Philippines
    • Asian Spirit
    • Cebu Pacific
    • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu to Kalibo
    • Cebu Pacific

Manila to Boracay Island 2: Manila to Caticlan flights take about 40 minutes. At Caticlan airport, take a motorized tricycle ride to Caticlan Jetty Port (about 3 minutes away). Then take a boat ride of about 20 minutes to Boracay Island.

  • Manila to Caticlan
    • Asian Spirit
    • Corporate Air
    • Interisland Airlines
    • SEAir
  • Cebu to Kalibo
    • Asian Spirit
    • SEAir

Boracay Island by boat

Several ferries sail between Manila and Caticlan. The journey takes between 12 and 16 hours.

Ferries from Manila to Caticlan:

boracay island by boat
  • MBRS Lines
  • Negros Navigation
  • SuperFerry



Boracay Island by road

Buses and cars run from Manila to the southern provinces by means of the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. Buses leave from the Philtranco terminal in Cubao and Pasay City throughout the day. The journey by bus takes approximately 12 hours. Caticlan is the fourth seaport encountered along the SRNH while traveling south from Manila.

(Note: Sea and air carriers may provide only seasonal service click here for details)

things to do at boracay island

Boracay white Beach / Boracay Resorts

Boracay Island boasts of glorious sugary white sand beach and azure crystal clear blue waters.Boracay beach is known to be the "finest beach in the world." Boracay beach water is shallow and the sand is so fine as if you are walking on miles of baby powder. A variety of Boracay resorts offers luxurious yet afordable prices for the discerning visitor. Boracay resorts and Boracay Hotels provides modern day amenities to maximize the comfort of your stay while maintaining the dream escape to paradise away from the bustling and demanding world of the metropolis.

boracay island aquasportsBoracay Aquasports

Boracay Island is a perfect place for watersports. Here, you can partake in a smorgasbord of exhilirating aqua action. Boracay Island with its crystal clear water is best for swimming and snorkeling, Boracay Island is also rich in marine life which makes it perfect for scuba diving. The refreshing wind blowing through Boracay Island makes it ideal for windsurfing, sailboating, kayaking, boardsailing, and boating. There are a number of aquasports facilities that offers affordable packages along Boracay beach.

Boracay Nature Tripping / Eco-Adventure

World-renowned Boracay Island is not only a place to enjoy the scenic white sand beach. Boracay Island is also an adventure island ideal for island hopping, hiking, trekking, caving, mountain climbing, biking, and horseback riding. Boracay Island's quaint interior villages brings wonderful eco-adventure. Boracay Island is dotted by rich flora and fauna, and worth the adventure of finding hidden coves, scenic rocky cliffs and isolated beaches that is far away from the tourist crowd. Experience the awesome wonder of nature's beauty in Boracay sunset and Boracay sunrise and partake of serenety it brings to the soul.

boracay island board sailing
Boardsailing at Bulabog Beach

On the eastern side of Boracay Island is Boracay's Bulabog beach. Bulabog beach is known as the best kitesurf destination in Asia. Boracay's Bulabog beach is a boardsailor's mecca that draws enthusiasts from all over the world, especially during the peak season from November to March with onshore winds varying between 18-30 knots.

Boracay Island's Bulabog beach has been a prime kite-and windsurfing destination for 20 years, the last two of its 18 years have seen the inclusion of freestyle, speed trial and "hang time" events for kiting, with plans to expand in future.

boracay island diving
Diving in Boracay Island

The diversity of marine life in the surrounding area of Boracay Island provides wonderful diving experience both for novice and professional divers. Boracay Island have different dive sites around the island and, and one of the best is in Yapak, Boracay a trueblue great deep sea dive. There are many competent instructors operating in many dive shops in Boracay Island who are can assist for a paradise diving experience.

Recreational Sports in Boracay Island

There are recreation sports facilities for the laid-back in Boracay Island. Boracay Island has a world class 18-hole championship golf course inside Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Resort and Countryclub. Boracay Island is also the perfect venue for tennis, bowling, even beach volleyball and frisbee throwing.

Partyhopping in Boracay Island
boracay island party
From dusk till dawn, the island turns into one big party place where everyone is very welcome to join. The code in Boracay is informal. You can party on through the night barefoot or in your swim suits while enjoying the company of your friends and fellow tourists.

Shopping at Boracay Island

Boracay Island is also a place for bargain shopping. It offers a joy of a diverse selection of souvenir pieces, from trinkets and native accessories made of shells and semi-precious stones to exotic or contemporary beach wear and fashion artworks.

Boracay Island shoppingAlong Boracay White Beach, you will find lines of gift shops and boutiques. You may also visit D*Mall that has several high-end stores including clothing, art and household items. Some stores may permit you to haggle for prices , others have a fixed pricing system with price tags. Shop around as prices vary. Outside of White Beach, the shopping becomes sparse or non-existent.

There are also a plenty of ambulant vendors that may approach you to buy their wares at a bargain price while walking or laying on the sand, anywhere on Boracay.

boracay island playDining at Boracay Island

Dining is no problem in Boracay Island. Most Boracay resorts have their own restaurants that serve both Filipino and international cuisines. Small snack bars also lined Boracay Island.The taste of the 6th Region, to which Boracay belongs, is quite simple. Charbroiled chicken is common fare. Another favorite dish is raw fish marinated in spicy vinegar.

Relaxation at Boracay Island

Boracay island is ideal for beachbumming, relaxing, and simply lazing around. Boracay Island's majestic scenery offers a great relief from the chaotic world of urban life. At the end of the day, unwind with a relaxing massage. The island never runs out skilled masseurs offering massage services by the beach. For a more luxurious and private relaxation, visit Boracay Island's private spas.

what people say about boracay

Sex workers also coming in droves to Boracay | March 16th 2009 by Sayen, Manila Bulletin

BORACAY Aklan Vice Governor Gabrielle Calizo said 'organized groups' of prostitutes from nearby provinces have been flocking to the resort island of Boracay as the summer tourist season starts peaking. The vice governor ...


GMA is Boracay’s top endorser, says gov | March 9th 2009 by Sayen, Manila Bulletin

KALIBO, Aklan — Governor Carlito Marquez hailed President Gloria Arroyo Macapagal for her five-minute advertisement of Boracay, the Philippines' tropical paradise, during her recent visit in Aklan. President Arroyo is the number one advertiser of Boracay...

Ready for the summer?
Snowprincess | March 24th 2008 by Honney

I am so excited to go to Boracay this summer. Yep, we’re ready to go next month! I’ve already bought our plane tickets as early as last month and have paid for our accommodation using PayPal. We haven’t gone shopping for swimwear outfits though...

Poll: Where would you go?
Justwandering - travelblog of a backpacker wannabe wandering… | March 23rd 2008 by nina

Say you have enough money for a weekend trip within the country. Where would you go: Boracay, Palawan or Basilan? Boracay One of the most beautiful beaches in the world, there’s a reason why people want to go to Boracay. Those who haven’t ...

Kapamilya's Umagang Kay Ganda in Boracay
Backpacking Travel and Living Philippines and Exotic Asia | March 23rd 2008 by paete

Day 2 of Tutubi's Boracay with a blast, ABS-CBN's early morning show Umagang Kay Ganda was present in Boracay with live telecast in front of La Carmela de Boracay at Station 2. This confirmed the news that they've a shoot there when Rica Peralejo was with Tutubi from Caticlan Airport on her way to La Carmela...

Boracay Swamped with Celebrities this Holy Week
Starmometer | March 23rd 2008

Showbiz Central played Paparazzi to lots of stars who swamped Boracay this Holy Week. Spotted on the paradise island were Paolo Contis, Isabel Oli, Mark Herras, Ehra Madrigal, Michelle Madrigal, Iwa Moto, Bryan Revilla, JM Rodriguez, Polo Ravales,...