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A microwave exhaust duct is a component that is often included with over-the-range microwaves. It is a duct that helps to vent smoke, steam, and odors generated during cooking to the outside of the home, rather than circulating them back into the kitchen. The duct connects the microwave to an exterior vent or exhaust pipe, allowing the air to be expelled outside.

There are a few different types of microwave exhaust ducts available, including rigid ducts and flexible ducts. Rigid ducts are typically made from metal and are more durable and long-lasting than flexible ducts. Flexible ducts, on the other hand, are made from a flexible material, such as aluminum or plastic, and can be more easily routed through walls and other tight spaces.

When installing a microwave exhaust duct, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure that the duct is properly installed and vented to the outside of the home. Improper installation can lead to safety issues, such as the buildup of carbon monoxide or other harmful gases.

A microwave exhaust duct is an important component of any over-the-range microwave, as it helps to improve air quality in the kitchen and reduce the risk of health issues caused by exposure to smoke and other pollutants.

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